Visiter Toulouse - Visit Toulouse© Patrice Nin - Ville de Toulouse

Ô Toulouse!

The Pink City… the Capital of Occitania… Land of Rugby… Succumb to the charms of Toulouse – a city of multiple cultures!
Walk through its streets and down the lanes of history: from its masterpieces of Romanesque architecture and great figures of Occitan culture to its incredible exploits in aerospace, Toulouse is a city full of surprises. And one that will welcome you warmly, especially at the Stade Toulousain – home of its beloved rugby club!

La Croix Occitane - Occitan cross - Tolosa, región occitana

« Tolosa » : the Capital of Occitania!

When you walk through Toulouse, Occitan culture greets you at every step: from the street names to the underground stations, the convivial Langue d’Oc accent echoes all around you.
When you reach the famous Place du Capitole, be sure to pass through the massive doorway and climb the few stairs to the Salle des Illustres. Here you will find a place steeped in history – the headquarters of the Capitouls, filled with the secrets of great figures in Occitan culture.

La Cité de l'Espace à Toulouse - Cité de l'Espace: Toulouse's space adventure park© Manuel Huynh

Cité de l’Espace: Toulouse’s space adventure park

When you visit the Cité de l’Espace, you step into the shoes of the heroes of the final frontier. Are you ready?
The planetarium and IMAX® theatre transport you to the confines of the cosmos! Climb aboard the Mir space station to experience life in space. And hold your breath: it feels like Ariane 5, the famous shuttle reproduced here in full scale, is ready for takeoff!

Musée Toulouse Lautrec - Albi - Toulouse-Lautrec Museum - Museo Toulouse-Lautrec de Albi

Toulouse museums and the Toulouse-Lautrec museum in Albi

Toulouse boasts a wealth of museums of its own – including Les Jacobins, Les Augustins, the Muséum (museum of natural history) and Aéroscopia.
But to discover the work of Toulouse-Lautrec, you will have to go further afield: a thousand of the artist’s works, including the famous Moulin Rouge posters, are exhibited at the Berbie Palace in the medieval city of Albi. From this magnificent palace surrounded by French gardens, you will also have a breathtaking view of Albi Cathedral (aka, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Cecilia).

Le Viaduc de Millau - the Millau Viaduct - El viaducto de Millau© Eiffage CEVM - Foster+Partners - D. Jamme

At the gates of Gorges du Tarn: the Millau Viaduct

Called ‘The Great Veil’, measuring 2460 metres end to end and standing 343 metres high, the highest bridge in the world brings you to the impressive canyon carved into the plateau, known as the Gorges du Tarn. Now you just need to choose which side to explore – the Causse Rouge or the Causse du Larzac!
The areas around Toulouse offer a plethora of wonders for you to discover: we recommend a visit to the Roquefort Caves for a taste of the cheese so famous it has been dubbed the ‘King of Cheeses’!

Match de rugby au Stade Toulousain- Equipo de rugby del Estadio Tolosano© Pierre Selim Flickr

The Stade Toulousain: experience the pulse of the city!

In Toulouse, rugby is an institution…  Nineteen times Champion of France and four times Champion of Europe, the Stade Toulousain is the pulse of the city!
To feel your heart beat as one with the Capital of Rugby, there is nothing like a rugby match. For the ultimate experience, wear the red and black jersey and allow yourself be swept up in the contagious passion for the oval ball!