Régions de France : Périgord et Quercy© Cochise Ory - OT Vallée de la Dordogne

Perigord and Quercy

Set off to discover Perigord and Quercy – two emblematic regions of Tourism in France. Exploring prehistoric caves and medieval towns, you will travel back in time… and be transported outside of time as well, thanks to a few regional gems of French cuisine – the black truffle and the wines of southwest France.

La truffe : le diamant noir du Périgord - Lalbenque 'the truffle capital' - La trufa el © OT Vallée de la Dordogne

In the heart of Black Perigord: Lalbenque ‘the truffle capital’

For truffle lovers, there is no doubt: Perigord and Quercy are where one finds the most subtle black truffle flavours… and Lalbenque is definitely the place to look: every Tuesday afternoon from November to March, truffle connoisseurs gather there to trade this rare delicacy known as the ‘Black Pearl’ or the ‘Black Diamond’.
And no wonder, considering it sells for over a thousand euros per kilo!

Les Montgolfiades de Rocamadour - Rocamadour's Montgolfiades - Las “Montgolfiades de Rocamadour”© Vallée de la Dordogne Rocamadour

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Rocamadour’s Montgolfiades!

Are you looking for a unique way to discover the landscapes of the Causses du Quercy Natural Regional Park? Why not take to the skies during the 30th anniversary of the Montgolfiades – Rocamadour’s hot air balloon festival?
Fly over the medieval cliff-side village and open your eyes wide to take it all in. Along with a host of other marvels, you may just see the famous village of Sarlat-La-Canéda.

Le château de Puymartin en Dordogne - El palacio de Puymartin© Michel Vanderheyden Flickr

History and legends of Château de Puymartin

At the start of the Hundred Years’ War, Château de Puymartin marked the border between France and England. But if you ask the people of this corner of Dordogne, they are more likely to tell you the famous legend of The White Lady of Château de Puymartin.
When you visit Sarlat, take a walk through the Cabinet Mythologique; through the paintings you’ll find there, you will live (or relive!) amazing legends from Antiquity…

Les Grottes de Lascaux - The Lascaux caves - Las Cuevas de Lascaux© N. Aujoulat - MCC/CNP

The Vézère Valley : a journey to the origins of humanity

Walk with the earliest Humans along the Vézère River. With the flow of the current and through the flow of time, you will discover the famous Lascaux caves and a host of other prehistoric sites, such as La Madeleine and Le Regourdou. It truly is a journey to the origins of humanity!

Vin de Cahors - Cahors wine - Vino de Cahors© Dominique VIET - CRT Midi-Pyrénées

Cahors wine: two thousand years young!

The English called it ‘Black Wine’, but if you are tracing the origins of the Cahors grape variety, you will need to go back two thousand years in history…
Cahors wine has received ‘AOC’ certification under France’s controlled designation of origin system. It is an excellent wine for ageing, and when mature, is the perfect accompaniment to truffles. But those too impatient to wait serve it young and fresh to savour its full-bodied flavour and fruity notes.