Tourisme en France : vin et culture© Gregory Tonon - Flickr

Wine and culture

Every wine tells a story, and gives us a bit of its terroir… We invite you to follow a winding route through wine country, from Château to Château and Domaine to Domaine, seeing all the facets of our vineyards and savouring rich encounters with the people behind it all.

Vignobles sur les rives du Canal du Midi© Dominique Viet - CRT Midi-Pyrénées

Wines and vineyards along the Canal du Midi

Float down the beautiful Canal du Midi, making stops along the way to visit vineyards that produce the reputed wines of Languedoc, such as Saint-Chinian, Minervois, Corbières, Malepère, and Cabardès.
You will discover a landscape lined with grapevines and taste the region’s most emblematic wines. ion.

Gastronomie française : le cassoulet© Dominique Viet - CRT Midi-Pyrénées

Castelnaudary: the legend of Cassoulet

You will hear its praises sung from Toulouse to Carcassonne, and you’ll find it at every good restaurant in the region. But the true home of cassoulet is Castelnaudary, and this is where we invite you to taste it!
A dish originally created for the soldiers defending the city during the Hundred Years’ War, cassoulet was initially called ‘estoufat’. It is made from the best regional specialties – confit duck leg, Toulouse sausage, lard and pork, and of course the famous Lauragais white beans.

Domaine de Caunes Minervois - Caunes-Minervois Abbey

Jazz at the Caunes-Minervois Abbey

Let the rhythm of jazz soothe and relax you… There! Now that your senses are refreshed, you are ready to perceive every nuance of the wine of Domaine de Caunes-Minervois.
At the edge of the Montagne Noire, the Caunes-Minervois Abbey rises up amidst the vineyards. In the calm coolness of its wine cellar, savour the music and the sweetness of the evening.

Vignobles de France : le domaine de Perre Cros

Tour of Domaine Pierre Cros

When a lover of wine and wine growing opens his vineyard to you, it is to share his passion.
If you happen to be a wine lover yourself, then by all means go visit Pierre Cros. In the sincere manner of one who works the land, he will tell you about his work, his values and his different wines – red, white and rosé. The hardest part will be choosing!

Château Bel Evèque : le domaine de Pierre Richard

Château Bel Evêque: great art in all its simplicity!

Do you know of Pierre Richard? He was a very popular French movie star in the 1970s, but today Pierre Richard’s passion is winemaking.
He will introduce you to his prestigious and inspired creations, crafted with care using the riches harvested from the vines. His wines are much like their maker – friendly, appealing and popular… Great art in all its simplicity!