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Wine and gastronomy

Foie gras, oysters, wine and cheese: the regions of southern France are known the world over for their culinary delights. Every area has its distinct flavours – which gives us the French notion of terroir – and local specialities naturally go well with the best wines.
Winning combinations that you will take great pleasure in tasting and savouring!

Foie gras de canard - Périgord© Dominique Viet - CRT Midi-Pyrénées

Foie gras from Domaine de Terre Blanche

Do you dream of tasting traditional recipes and flavours?  Let us bring you to the Domaine de Terre Blanche in the heart of Gascony. At this beautiful 17th century farm, you will learn the secrets of foie gras, from raising the ducks to the ancient traditions used to in prepare it.
Take part in a cooking workshop, learn to prepare the most popular dishes of southwest France, and get your taste buds ready for the tasting session!

Gastronomie française : les huîtres - French gastronomy : oysters - Gastronomía francesa : las ostras© Boca Dorada Flickr

Oysters, an infinite pleasure

Enjoy the excellent regional varieties of oysters – Marenne d’Oleron oysters, Bouzigues oysters, etc. – with a glass of dry white wine.
Whether you like them with bit of lemon and a slice of buttered bread or venture to try them with sauces, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, there are a thousand and one ways to enjoy oysters.

Les anchois de Collioure - Collioure anchovies - Las anchoas de Collioure© Dave Collier flickr

Collioure anchovies

You are sure to fall under Collioure’s spell, and the pleasures you’ll find in your plate there are an important part of its charms!

This picturesque village along the Catalan coast boasts an excellent selection of restaurants. With a drink before dinner, you must taste the local speciality – Collioure anchovies. They are served marinated in olive oil, seasoned with vinegar, or in anchoïade – a delicious paste. Go on! You won’t be disappointed.

Armoierie du Château de Monluc

Escapade to Château de Monluc

En route for the vineyards of Gascony! In the pretty village of Saint-Puy, Château de Monluc welcomes you with a glass of good wine. The vineyard’s owner will gladly tell you colourful anecdotes from days gone by, and have you taste an ancient and legendary cocktail – the Pousse-Rapière, a combination of Armagnac liqueur and Vin Sauvage.

Vignobles en France : les vins de Fronton - Fronton wines - Vinos de Fronton© Dominique Viet - CRT Midi-Pyrénées

The character of Fronton wines

In terms of their character, Fronton wines are like the people who grow them: lively, mischievous, frank and direct. These wines have the full aroma of grapes that have ripened in the sun of southwest France, and the poetry of a bouquet of violets!
You will delight in the accents of the winemakers around Toulouse – the land of rugby and tradition, where art de vivre and passion go hand in hand.